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Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

They’re Back… And Heading Your Way.   After More Than A Half A Century These Blood Thirsty Creatures Are Once Again Becoming A Plague, Worldwide, As They Develop Immunity To Many Treatments.

At Last... There's A Proven System To Eliminate A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home And Get Rid Of These Blood Sucking Creatures Once And For All!...

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Even if you don’t have bed bugs now you're in grave danger of having an infestation in the very near future….  

Get Rid of Bedbugs


   RE: Bed Bugs Are Heading Your Way!

   From: Joan Lyndahl 

 isten…you need to know what happened in my home earlier this year. I was so  ashamed to speak about it that it took me almost 4 weeks before I could even face up to the problem.

Dear Friend:

I'd just returned from a business trip to the west coast and I woke up covered with a weird rash. I itched and scratched and finally had to go to a doctor… this was when I discovered the incredibly bad news…

My doctor immediately recognized what my problem was… “BED BUG BITES”. 

OMG… I was so appalled and didn’t know what to do much less who to speak with about my problem.

I always keep my home spotless... so where did these horrible things come from? I felt as if there was something wrong and I had a dirty home... I was really worried. If these things did this to me - what was going to happen to my kids.

What Was I Going To Do To Keep This From Happening?

It took me a while to figure out where the bed bugs actually came from.  I decided to do some research on the Internet and after a couple of hours I realized where the problem had started… The bed bugs came from my luggage.   

I ran to the garage and when I looked in my suitcase… I found bodies of some dead bed bugs just lying there.

It was all my fault… I had brought these bed bugs home from my trip and now they were living in my house... and worse they were in my bed!

This revelation got me started doing extensive research about my bed bug problem and what I could do about it.

My Research Showed That Bed Bug Infestations Are On The Increase Throughout The World... And At An Alarming Rate!

I had witnessed firsthand what a bed infestation can do and I had to find a solution… and fast!

These blood sucking creatures could be in your home at this very moment.… feeding on you or your children. If they are not there yet they can show up anytime. 

But… there is a solution. And you are about to find out what you can do. You will not have to spend the hours and the money that I put into researching bed bugs and ways to get rid of them.

...finding the technique you outlined on page 37 was worth the price of the whole book. It saved me so much time and aggravation you wouldn't believe it. Finally my children and I are getting a good nights sleep without worrying about getting eaten alive by those awful bed bugs. I just want to say how much we appreciate what you have shown us.

Janice C
Detroit, MI

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Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Here Is Why You Should Listen To What I Have To Say...

After my horrific encounter with bed bugs I was seriously motivated to find out how to get these things out of my home!

Luckily, you will not have to spend the time or the money that I did because I am going to show you how you can avoid the incredible hassles I went through getting bed bugs out of my life... for good.

By studying all about bed bugs I was able to discover that you can use their blood thirsty instincts against them.  They want to infest your bedding, suck your blood and reproduce.

They are relentless in finding new sources of food, i.e. YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN Just the thought of these little vampires visiting you every night is enough to get you to soak everything you own in powerful insecticides.

However, without creating a well thought out plan; no matter what you do it will be a wasted effort. 

I decided I would organize everything that I had learned through researching the problem combined with my real life nightmare so that you will not have to go through what I did….

What I have done is to create a well organized battle plan for confronting bed bugs and beating them at their own game.  Just like in any war, you need a battle plan and I have a great one outlined just for you.

First... you’ll need to get to know your enemy.  Bed bugs are spreading relentlessly around the globe.  They can be found almost everywhere from the fanciest 5 Star hotel to the house next door. You will learn to identify them and seek them out... and discover the best methods to destroy them completely.

Next... we’ll discuss some search and destroy methods to enable you to get those blood suckers out of your home for good and let you get a good night’s sleep.

Finally... we will develop a fool proof plan to keep these things out of your home… forever.   

Get Rid of Bedbugs

Bed Bugs 911 Will Show You:                      

  • The sneaky places bed bugs like to hide and how to find them

  • How to keep from bring bed bugs home with you, when you travel

  • Why older methods of bed bug protection don’t work anymore

  • How you can protect your kids and your pets from the blood sucking beasts

  • The vital steps you must take to eliminate a bed bug infestation…fast!

  • Plus many more ways you can deal with these problem      critters….

Even if you've never had to face bed bugs head on, this book is an absolute necessity to protect you and your family from the increasingly aggressive onslaught of bed bugs. Once you have finished the book you can be confident you will NEVER have to face a bed bug infestation in your own home.

Here are some comments from some satisfied customers

...after going through the entire book I had no doubt that my bedbug nightmare would soon be over.  I used the resource guide to solve some of my biggest challenges in getting the bedbugs out of my home.

Joan, my family and I want to thank you so much for giving us our lives back.  We can now go to sleep at night and not wonder what we will feel like when be get up in the morning.

Jeff P
St. Paul, MN


...someone needs to go through the experience of having their life turned completely upside down by a stupid insect before they fully realize what it can mean to find a true solution.

I am very pleased to report that everything you said in your book was exactly true. Finding and killing those bed bugs became much easier once I had a full understanding of what I was facing.

Your book gave me the knowledge and understanding of what needed to be done to clean up our bed big mess. My entire family say - Thanks so much.

Cliff H
Sacramento, CA

By now you are probably asking yourself, "How Much Will Bed Bugs 911 Cost Me"

The first question you really need to answer is "What Will A Bed Bug Infestation Really Cost Me?" both in dollars and in peace of mind... That only you can answer!

In order to get this valuable information in the hands of as many people as possible, Bed Bugs 911 is priced at just $19.97. The reason it is priced so low is that with the incredible growth of the bed bug problem I want to stop bed bugs in their tracks!

But wait... because I want you to buy this book, to protect your family, I am going to take away any risk to you at all... 

You are going to get an Unconditional 60 Day Money Back GuaranteeI will take all the risk... If you don't find this book to be invaluable all you have to do is request a refund and you will get your money back, immediately.

Stop Bed Bugs Now 

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Don’t let what happened to me, happen to you.  Get “Bed Bugs 911” now and have a bed bug free home in 10 days or less…

My Best Wishes For A Bug Free Home, 


P.S. Remember, if you have bed bugs my book will help you to get rid of them quickly.  If you don't have bed bugs, then reading this book may be the most valuable thing you ever do to keep bed bugs from invading your home.

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You will have all the information you could ever need to protect yourself, your family and your pets from the relentless onslaught of bed bugs. Best of all there is no risk to you as we offer a "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" 60 Money Back Guarantee that this book is exactly what you want and that it will work for you.

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Disclaimer: Joan Lyndahl is a pen name and Bedbugs911.org and Joan Lyndahl reflect the author's experience, knowledge and expertise. All information contained in this book should be considered as merely guidelines for you to follow and no guarantees of success at eliminating bedbugs are made.

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